From Woman to Woman: Les Juliettes Celebrates International Women's Day

The vast majority of March 8ths have been historic. Thanks to thousands of women who fought, concentrated in demonstrations, and advocated for our rights, today we have been able to create a brand by and for women.

We are grateful to all of them, and to all the women in our lineage for being authentic fighters and transmitting to us the necessary strength to fight for what we truly want. They taught us what empowerment, courage, and resistance are. This was crucial to face what we saw from the beginning in the footwear industry, where the vast majority of leadership positions are occupied by men.

What inspired the creation of Les Juliettes and what was the moment that drove you to start this brand?

Elena: We have always been passionate about shoes, so what inspired us to create Les Juliettes was to achieve shoes that were both spectacular and comfortable. Enough of the idea that to look good you have to suffer.

As female entrepreneurs, what are the most significant challenges you have encountered in establishing your own path in the business world and how have you overcome them?

Irene: As female entrepreneurs, one of the biggest challenges was gaining credibility in the footwear industry. We are the designers of all our collections.

E: What we saw from the very beginning in the footwear industry is that the vast majority of leadership positions are occupied by men. This changed until recently when we managed to find a factory that shares our same values, where each Les Juliettes shoe goes through 30 hands before reaching its box, and more than half of those hands are women's.

In the context of this year's theme, how does Les Juliettes seek to invest in women through its products, and in what way do these values ​​reflect the essence of the contemporary woman?

I: At Les Juliettes, we always think about the women who will wear our designs. From the first prototype, our goal is to design stylish and comfortable shoes, avoiding 11cm stiletto heels and respecting the foot as much as possible. Additionally, our entire team is made up of women.

In three words, what does International Women's Day mean to you?

E: International Women's Day for us is about struggle, remembrance, and equality.

Why do you fight?

I: We fight for a safe present and future for us and our daughters. So they can do what they want and be who they want to be. What makes you happy?

E: Right now, what makes us happiest in our work is stepping out of our comfort zone and having the opportunity to fight for our brand to reach where we want it to be without fear.

Who inspires you?

I: We are inspired by each and every woman around us, my sister and me, hence why all our models are named after them. We are proud of where we come from and want to share it with the world.

Considering International Women's Day and the current theme, how would you like Les Juliettes to be remembered for its impact and contribution to female empowerment?

E: I would love for Les Juliettes to be remembered for the quality and authenticity of our collections. And also for our values. Every obstacle has led us to be here today, we are proud of who we are and where we come from.

I: We have spent a lot of time trying to be perfect, but we don't need to be perfect, we need to be real. We need to accept who we really are and raise our voice, wherever we are so that we are heard.

Today more than any other day, we are proud to be women, to fight for more rights in the world and where we come from, and we want to share it with the world.

Discover more about our commitment and values ​​here.

Hoy más que ningún día, estamos orgullosas de ser mujeres, de luchar por más derechos en el mundo y de dónde venimos, y lo queremos compartir con el mundo.

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