The story of Les Juliettes began in Barcelona in 2023

Founded in 2023 by Irene and Elena, Les Juliettes is a luxury footwear brand that pays tribute to their grandmother, Julieta. Our focus is on elegance and the expression of femininity, establishing a distinctive language in fashion that goes beyond conventional trends.

Les Juliettes and Julieta

This brand is a tribute to her, Julieta. She taught us to trust ourselves, to feel confident, and to believe in our potential. She was an example of how to elegantly face the difficulties that arise in life, and for all this and much more, Les Juliettes are for and because of her. We have created a brand designed by and for women, with the aim of making quality shoes that instill confidence and style in every step.

Collections designed by women

Each model is carefully designed so you can feel comfortable and stylish at any time and occasion of the day.

Our collection is aimed at women who show themselves to the world just as they are, without fear, and rewarding themselves with moments like those offered by acquiring a pair of Juliettes. Our designs are unique pieces.

Irene and Elena

Join Our Journey

For us, collaboration is essential to achieve shared goals. Our vision is characterized by being inclusive and open, both in our internal team and in our relationships with external collaborators.

We are always exploring new ways to strengthen and expand Les Juliettes. If you are interested in joining this journey, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to work together.

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