Choosing the right shoe size can be a challenging process, whether for yourself, a loved one, or a friend. To simplify this task, we share some tips that will be useful for you to take measurements and find the perfect size for your new shoes.


Position yourself with your heel in contact with the wall and place your foot on a sheet of paper. Mark the end of your longest finger using a pen.


Next, take the measurement from the wall to the mark you made, either in centimeters or inches. Use these measurements to determine the appropriate shoe size by consulting the size chart below:

foot length EUR UK U.S.
22.8 35 2 5
23.4 36 3 6
24 37 4 7
24.6 38 5 8
25.3 39 6 9
26 40 7 10
26.6 41 8 eleven

If you still have questions about sizing or how to take measurements, please contact our team of experienced staff who are here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at: