The Spanish luxury shoe brand you should know

For a while now, acquiring new shoes has become a passion and a desire. It seems that there are never enough in the closet and that creating one's own collection is the order of the day.

Les Juliettes is the new luxury shoe brand Made in Spain that presents options for all occasions, whether for everyday wear or special occasions.

If you have the desire to have a pair in your shoe rack, you should know some curiosities that surely will increase your desire to acquire one. The main one is the exclusivity behind the brand, and that if you decide to keep a pair of Juliettes, you will be one of the few people to have chosen the model you have, as they only make limited collections.

Another curiosity you'll discover is that it's a Made in Spain product, as all designs are created in Spain, from the sketch to production. They design unique and daring models, mixing studs, crystals, sequins, and original fabrics. Moreover, the result of all designs is perfection and maximum quality, as each pair of shoes goes through at least 30 different hands during production.

And just like that, when you acquire a pair of Juliettes, you're acquiring red carpet shoes for your collection