Get ready your Juliettes for any summer event.

We show you with different combinations with Les Juliettes so you can complete all your looks this summer.

Pool Party

During the summer, pool parties are the best excuse to soak up every last ray of sunshine, have fun, and look spectacular. Make a grand entrance with Anna Camel, with or without a brooch. There's nothing more comfortable than these sandals to enjoy the party from start to finish.

Summer Weddings

Add the finishing touch to your look, whether you are a guest or the star of the day. When choosing shoes, remember the importance of selecting ones that are spectacular and allow you to enjoy the entire day without needing to change. The Elena model can be your great ally.

Gala Event

If you've been invited to a professional or gala event and don't know which shoes to wear, you should know that the shoes should have a medium-high heel. Dark and neutral tones are the most appropriate. At Les Juliettes, we offer both colors in the Anna model.

Anna Camel and Anna Black models with a brooch.

Últimos Meetings

Before the holidays, you can show up at your latest meetings in fresh and spectacular looks wearing Dolores Black.

Date Night

Appear with your boldest look and dazzle with the crystals and details of Dolores Nude.

And just like that, show up at every event or occasion this summer with your Juliettes and feel spectacular.