Colección ICÓNICOS

Our exclusive designs celebrate the diversity and strength of every woman. The ICÓNICOS collection features limited edition shoes with architectural designs, crafted in Spain, renowned for their supreme quality and timeless style, instilling confidence and comfort in all who wear them.

Manuela, a reinvented classic. This model stands out for its comfort and the sophistication that accompanies it. Manuela personifies elegance, offering versatility and distinction for both your active days and nights, serving as an example of independence and strength for all.

Lola pays homage to creativity, being feminine, striking, and with a unique touch. With its iridescent color, you'll add a magical and special touch to any look.

Elena radiates confidence and passion, inspiring us to reach our goals. This model is a statement of security and resilience. Our own version of the Phoenix.

Julieta, an icon of elegance and resilience. This chic and comfortable pair in black and nude is ideal for facing busy days and unexpected nights with grace, just like our grandmother Julieta. Each pair reflects a unique facet of femininity, designed to make you stand out on any occasion.

Julieta, the inspiration behind the brand, was a unique, strong, and resilient woman who faced life with elegance and courage. This versatile pair, a blend of the basic and the exceptional, adapts to every occasion, just like each one of us.

Are you ready to make your steps even more unforgettable?

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