Her first inspiration

In addition to the women who have the names of the shoes, the inspiration behind the Iconic and Fusion collection is rooted in two cities that captivated the designers at some point.

It was in 2017 when Elena surprised Irene with the news that they were traveling to New York, and a dream came true for the youngest sister. Both were enamored with the city after being fans of series like Sex And the City and Gossip Girl. Both series served as inspiration, as they combine fashion and drama, something that the sisters love.

Characters like Carrie, Serena, Blair, among others, left a mark and inspired Elena and Irene to create what we now know as Les Juliettes.

Les Juliettes in NY and Paris.

On the other hand, there's Paris... What does Paris have that captivates so much? Its surroundings? Its fashion?... All of this also served as inspiration. Walking through its streets, enjoying its museums, visiting the Dior Gallery and the Yves Saint Laurent museum were pillars of inspiration for the creation of both collections.

The majesty of the buildings of New York, the infinite lights of Paris, the fashion, the luxury, the detail, and the cuisine of both cities captivated the designers and were the perfect setting for inspiration, art, and creation.

And so, without further ado, the inspiration base and the first moodboard of Les Juliettes were born.

First moodboard Les Juliettes.